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How To Make Coffee (Americano) with Wacaco Portable Espresso Machines

We get this question on social media a lot "how do you make a regular sized coffee instead of a shot".  The best way to do this by using a method made popular in WW2 when American G.I's wanted a taste of home while fighting abroad in Europe.  Making a standard coffee with an espresso machine is easy! 


The Americano, named after those same Americans, is more coffee-like than espresso-like due to it's water to espresso ratio.  For this you'll want to take your Minipresso or Nanopresso with the large water tank attachment.  Brew your long shot as per usual then add hot water to the desired level.

Below is a comparison of a standard shot vs Americano.
This is the perfect method for those of us who are more accustomed to sipping on a large coffee throughout the day, rather than knocking back shots of espresso.  The taste will also take on a different flavor with the additional hot water and become more subtle.

Add foam, milk, or whipped cream for a treat.




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