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Minipresso NS - Step By Step


Start heating up your water (when camping and backpacking we use a Isobutane camp stove, which is super light, portable, and reliable.)


Unscrew the nozzle.


Place your Nespresso® Capsule into the Minipresso bottom down.


Screw the nozzle on tightly, it will become tight, and then you will be able to screw it on even further, which will puncture the capsule preparing it for espresso extraction.


Unscrew the water tank.


Pour water that is at a rolling boil into the tank.


Screw the tank back on.


Release the piston.


Pump Minipresso up to pressurization (about 6 pumps).


With steady, strong, persistent pumps prepare a perfectly extracted espresso.








Jeff Braddock

I can’t get the filter to remove from the bottom of the minipresso. Thus, cleaning is a serious chore.

Any tips? Don’t want to break it.

Peter Ainsworth

Love the mini presso . I do find there is quote a lot of water left in o e end and quite a lot (teaspoon) of coffee left on the other end after it has lost pressure, a bit messy and a waste of good coffee. Interested if anyone has a fix for this.
However a great solution for my coffee fix away from home, great with ristretto caps.

Helen Lake

Pretty disappointed with ours. We have the same problem others mentioned… watery extraction or none at all. Puncturing the aluminum seal a few times with a sharp object made some difference but def not a creamy expresso


Help please. I have followed all the instructions, but have had no success after several tries, to extract any coffee.


I love it! I just gave my minipresso (a Christmas gift from one of my daughters) its test run, and got a nice shot of espresso out of it. Now it will be an essential travel item!

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