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Coffee kit accessories for double espresso

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El kit Barista es un conjunto completo de accesorios en un pequeño contenedor. Expande las capacidades de Nanopresso al darle la posibilidad de preparar doble espresso (16 gramos de café molido) hasta 120 ml. Gracias a su extracción a alta presión de 18 bar, Nanopresso aprovecha al máximo la cesta de filtro más grande y supera la calidad de extracción de la mayoría de las máquinas de café espresso caseras. Los amantes del café estarán encantados de disfrutar de un espresso increíblemente rico. La cesta de espresso doble es una característica única que no se puede encontrar en ninguna otra máquina de café espresso portátil.

Dimensión 150x62x62 mm 5.90x2.44x2.44 in
Peso 270 g 0.60 lbs
Observación El Barista Kit solo puede ser usado
con Nanopresso.
El paquete incluye El tanque de agua grande (140 ml),
la taza de café espresso más grande, dos cestas dobles de filtro de espresso
(16g de café molido) con tapa,
una sola cesta de filtro de café espresso
(8g de café molido) con tapa,
el anillo adaptador de espresso doble,
un pisador y el manual de instrucciones


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Johnny G.
South Africa

I'm very impressed with this little machine. When you read about it being able to produce an espresso as good as a barista, you think its all marketing. I've used it several times, with the Nespresso adaptor, with the single shot grind holder and the double shot holder. It most definitely meets up to it's hype. It produces an espresso extraction comparable to and in my experience, some times better than more expensive commercial machines (most times poor barista to blame). Obviously, the quality of the coffee used and grind size and freshness greatly affects the output espresso. Nanopresso is good, but cannot produce good espresso from poor coffee beans. I would most definitely recommend the Nanopresso for any coffee lover or connoisseur on the move.

Marc P.
Amazing Portable Espresso Machine

I recently bought the Nanopresso, the barista kit and the Nespresso adapter to use at work because I am often nowhere near a good coffee shop and the coffee provided at work tastes like dirty dish water. I was sceptical about spending that much on a machine I hadn’t tried but there was enough good reviews online by coffee nerds that I decided to give it a shot. I’ve had it for a few weeks and I am thoroughly impressed. The Nanopresso makes wonderful espresso with great crema! Obviously your espresso will only be as good as the beans you use. For those interested in the Nespresso adapter, it also works very well. I use it for those times when I don’t have time to grind coffee and do the whole process which is messier and having running water is fairly essential for clean up esp if making many shots. Other notes I have. Absolutely get the barista kit, otherwise you can only do single shots (who has only one shot of espresso?) the barista kit comes with 2 x double shot pods. You have to sort out your grind. If your grind is too fine water won’t pump through. Experiment. When using the Nespresso adapter, pump evenly and consistently. If you try to pump it too fast it will build up too much pressure and blow the foil open which will shoot grinds into your cup. That is all for now. Enjoy.

Andy O.
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Barista Kit

It’s a well thought out piece of kit to complement the Nanopresso. Sturdy and easy to use. I’m very satisfied with it. �