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Bulletproof Minipresso: The Mentalist


We're a few weeks into our Bulletproof adventure, here's what Beth and George had to say about The Mentalist.


Beans: 100% Arabica


Before the Brew: Out of the three Bulletproof coffees, the Mentalist beans have the strongest, boldest scent. That being said, it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific aromatic note – but it certainly smells familiar, like a childhood memory. At times we caught the aroma of fresh, just-washed whole blueberries, while the next minute, we noticed a hint of spice, and smoked wood chips after that.


Minipresso Tasting: Our espresso shots had an herbal tea-like quality, in that they were light-bodied without being watery. For such a bold-scented bean, we took great pleasure in the surprisingly delicate tastes of cherry and cinnamon. We agreed that we’d like to try it again in the summer, chilled over ice.