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Portable espresso machine

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Packed with new features and capabilities, which will drastically improve the way you prepare your favorite coffee, Nanopresso is one of the best and most versatile espresso machines. A truly unique addition to your coffee toolkit! Built around a newly patented pumping system, the Nanopresso is capable of reaching, with the help of your hands, a maximum of 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure for unparalleled coffee extractions qualities. The Nanopresso works best with finely ground coffee that is tamped hard. It is delightfully easy to operate and simple to use. The Nanopresso requires 15% less force to pump compared to previous models (1st generation Minipresso). With Nanopresso, the power is in the machine, not in your hands. After each shot, Nanopresso maintenance takes only a few seconds. When necessary, the components of the portafilter are easily separated for deep cleaning.

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Dimensión 156x71x62 mm 6.14x2.8x2.44 in
Peso 336 g 0.74 lb
Capacidad de agua 80 ml 2.70 fl oz
Capacidad de molido 8 g 0.28 oz
Max. presión 18 bar 261 psi
Paquete incluye Nanopresso, taza de café espresso incorporada, cesta de filtro, cuchara, pincel, libro de instrucciones de varios idiomas, tarjeta de garantía dos pegatinas.



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Scott M.
Australia Australia

I bought a nanopreso for my wife for Mothers Day as we were about to do a month long roadtrip into central Australia to see Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Wakarrta. It was a bit of a shot in the dark as I knew we were going into a coffee desert and a I thought even a symbolic purchase to address the upcoming drought was necessary. The Nanopresoo delivered consistently better espresso than our home machine over the month. We are still using it now we are home and there is something lovely about just being able to make a great coffee anywhere. Congratulations on making such a great product,

United States United States
Great morning

This product exceed expectation on engineering, quality, design, affordability and the mis important yo can make an excellent shots of coffee. Good job.

Stanislav I.
Bulgaria Bulgaria
The best coffee maker ever!

This coffee maker is something out of this world. When you make coffee in the nature, you just realize that this is the proper way to do it. It's an unique experience and brings smiles to everyone. Thank you for your wonderful machine!

Wacaco NANOPRESSO ReviewWacaco NANOPRESSO ReviewWacaco NANOPRESSO ReviewWacaco NANOPRESSO ReviewWacaco NANOPRESSO Review