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Máquina de espresso portátil

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Picopresso es la más compacta y profesional de nuestras cafeteras espresso portátiles. Esta máquina de café espresso de especialidad cuenta con un portafiltro desnudo, por lo que los usuarios verán un delicioso espresso cremoso fluyendo directamente de una canasta de filtro de acero inoxidable estándar de 52 mm 18 gramos durante el proceso de preparación. Con el Picopresso no hay atajos. Cada cafetera casera debe dominar el arte de la preparación manual de espresso marcando el tamaño de molido correcto, compactando y perfeccionando la técnica de extracción: su recompensa; un auténtico espresso con calidad de café que rivalizará con cualquier máquina cara de gama alta.



Dimensión 106x78x71 mm 4.17x3.07x2.8 in
Peso 350 g 0.77 lb
Capacidad de agua 80 ml 2.70 fl oz
Capacidad de molido 18 g 0.63 oz
Max. presión 18 bar 261 psi


Dimensión 230x184x118 mm 9.05x7.24x6.64 in
Peso 1250 g 2.75 lb
Paquete incluye Picopresso, canasta de filtro doble, apisonador, cuchara, cepillo, herramienta de distribución, embudo, estuche protector, libro de instrucciones en varios idiomas, tarjeta de garantía y una calcomanía de Wacaco.


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Marco M.
Switzerland Switzerland

Best investment in portable espresso

I was already happy with the Nanopresso for my travels but the Picopresso is so good it can replace even a high end home espresso machine. If you have a good grinder and preheat the unit thoroughly you can get the most out of your beans. With the manual pumping you can adjust pressure, preinfuse and let it decline towards the end of the shot. The Picopresso is especially recommended for owners of a post millennium Pavoni because you can use the same baskets and tampers and even grind size. Just dial in a coffee on the Pavoni with your hand grinder and use it on your Picopresso while traveling. I can't wait to try out new roasters wherever I travel from now on!

Wacaco PICOPRESSO ReviewWacaco PICOPRESSO ReviewWacaco PICOPRESSO Review
John N.
Philippines Philippines

Café Anywhere

The espresso that this machine can produce is the closest, if not, even better than commercial café espresso. As a former barista, the Picopresso provides a full barista experience like no other portable machines can do. Requiring a bit of care with dosage, grind size and tamping, the Pico will reward you with that creamy golden espresso that even your local café would envy!

Terry H.
United States United States

Attain total consciousness

Let me start by saying I used an AeroPress exclusively for the better part of 3 years, then graduated to the Wacaco NanoPresso some 4 years ago and never looked back. Until now. I roast my own and am on the never ending quest for the perfect cup of joe. Have I found it yet? Of course not...probably because I never want the quest to end. That said, the Picopresso has upped my game by a magnitude of...well, pick a number above 10! Seriously, the box alone is a masterpiece. That matters because it underscores the company's dedication to detail. Nothing was overlooked in the precision design and manufacture of the Picopresso. Just holding it in your hand, you'll appreciate the fact it is a solid piece of kit. But it really starts to shine when you realize how perfectly everything is machined. It goes together like a Russian Doll set and fits perfectly in the provided leather(ette) zipper case. I truly cannot overemphasize the beautiful design and craftsmanship. Much higher quality than even it's predecessor (Nanopresso) which is impressive. The Picopresso even comes with a funnel ring, distribution tool, small brush and rubber cap for travel. It's going to look suspicious in your carryon to those TSA folks running airport scanners, so you may want to put it in check on if you're in a hurry and don't want to take a chance of being delayed. So how about the coffee it produces? First, you need a really good grinder -- or you'll need to resign yourself to acquiring ultra fine grind off the shelf (like LavAzza). And you must have an accurate gram scale. You can buy those here on Amazon for $15 - $20 bucks, so add that to the bottom line cost. The biggest challenge for me was finding the proper grind size. The Picopresso requires an ultra-fine grind. Think almost powder. I just kept going finer and finer and finer until I finally hit it. How do you know when it's right? Ultimately taste -- not bitter or sour, but a helpful clue is to hit the point where it's just about too hard to squeeze out a shot, and back off the grind size a little. When you find that spot, you'll know it. The taste? Well, honestly it's as good as any commercial espresso I've ever had and frankly, better because as mentioned I roast my own beans and have them dialed in to my own personal taste. The Picopresso would be worth the price just to keep on the shelf as a majestic work of art, but the fact that it serves such an important utilitarian purpose (starting my day) with style, grace and perfection, is over the top. Most of the time I make an Americano in the morning, and hit a nice double espresso later in the morning or early afternoon. Square this up with a Ferrero Rocher and you won't need to caddy for the Dalai Lama like Bill Murray to attain total consciousness. In other words, just get it and "you'll have that going for you, which is nice".