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Minipresso Winter Camping


Winter camping is one of our favorite things to do!  It can be very peaceful; the snow will often deter most large crowds, which means you’ll have primo camping locations to choose from, and quiet nights to enjoy.


One of the best parts of winter camping is enjoying a nice warm meal and hot beverage, which is why we love bringing our Minipresso along.  Here are some tips for warming up water while winter camping:


For colder temperatures, liquid fuel stoves work better than canister stoves.  This is because cold temperatures create low canister pressure.  Nothing worse than pulling your stove out to prepare dinner and discovering it doesn’t work in winter temps!


Si se encuentra a gran altitud, usa más combustible que en elevaciones más bajas. Es una buena idea llevar combustible extra, especialmente para el campamento alpino.  


On windy days you will need a windshield to keep the wind away from your flame.  Luckily the snow works great for this! Dig out an area in the snow (at least 1 foot deep) that will work as shelter while you cook.


Si está usando una bolsa de agua para almacenar su agua, haga lo mejor que pueda para evitar que salga el agua del tubo (un truco que funciona para nosotros es expulsar el agua del tubo cada vez que bebe). El tubo se congelará más rápido y dificultará el acceso a su agua. Recomendamos usar un tubo aislado. 


And last but not least, pre heat your Minipresso before use.  The Minipresso makes the best crema when the water is very hot, so doing a hot water run-through before you add the coffee is a good idea, especially if the Minipresso is very cold.


Now you’re all ready to enjoy portable espresso in any season, so get out there and make sure to share your #minipressoadventures with us!